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Why choose UPVC Sash Windows?

Upvc Sash WindowsReplacement UPVC Sash Windows are perfect if you want to improve your homes energy efficiency but retain the character of your building. By fitting uPVC Sash Windows you can have the benefits Double Glazing and save money on your energy bills. uPVC Sash windows not only look good but help prevent heat loss, noise and condensation.

uPVC Sash Windows mean an end to the problems of your old wooden sash windows. UPVC Sash Windows mean no more sticking tough to open windows, and the ease of new simple to open sprung counter balance sash windows.


With your old single pane sash windows you are losing a significant amount of heat through your household windows, making them not very energy efficient. You can make your home more energy efficient and save heating costs by fitting new uPVC double glazed sash windows. This not only recommended by us the experts, but also by the government funded Energy Saving Trust as well who have calculated you could save as much as £135 a year! So what are you waiting for get a quote for new uPVC Sash Windows now!

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What are the benefits of uPVC Sash Windows?

Replacement uPVC Sash Windows are low maintenance. The uPVC material used to construct the frames will never need painting, unlike your old wooden framed sash windows.

Storm proof seals on uPVC Sash Windows result in increased energy efficiency and mean an end drafts and rattles.

As old sash windows age and erode they are prone to sticking, becoming jammed and often end up not being able to open fully. uPVC Sash windows mean an end to these problems and your windows can be back in full ease of use as they should be.

The double glazing toughened glass used in the replacement sash windows result in long-term low maintenance and need not be painted again after initial installation.

Additionally uPVC Sash windows also have a tilt function increasing the flexibility to use an open the windows. This also allows for improved cleaning options, meaning you can clean the window from the inside.


It’s easy to get a uPVC Sash Window Quote With Us!

As part of our customer satisfaction guaranteed service we only obtain quotes for you from the highest quality assured uPVC Sash Window Double Glazing specialists.

All of the uPVC Sash Window companies we deal with have been approved by the government funded Energy Saving Trust. This means the uPVC Sash Windows that you have installed have been assessed by the British Fenestration Ratings Council, and meet the Energy Saving Recommendations set. This is highlighted by the Energy Saving Recommended logo, which can be found on all the uPVC Sash Windows that our quoted companies fit. 

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